Eating out in Szeged

There are lots of restaurants in Szeged where you can try local and international dishes. I am going to recommend some of th ebest ones int he centre. Of course there are lots more and you can try any restaurants in the city. In most places English or German is spoken by he staff and you will not be overpriced.  

Kiskorossy Halaszcsarda, Szeged, Felso Tisza part

It is one of the two restaurant sin Szeged which is in the top 100 Hungarian restaurants. Halaszcsarda means fish restaurant and that is why you should visit this place in Szeged. You can try traditional fish soup Szeged style which is just perfect in this restaurant and after that it is a must to have noodles with cottage cheese and sour cream with fried bacon on top. You can have other dishes as well but fish is by far the best in this eatery. The setting is breathtaking, it is situated on the left bank of the river directly on the riverbank so you can enjoy the scenery or go down to the river Tisza. Waiters are very attentive and you can also try delicious Hungarian wine. It is a bit expensive but you will get a delicious meal for your money. There is no street and number so you should ask for direction at the hotel.

Tisza River Cafe Szeged
Tisza River Cafe Club, Szeged, Felso Tisza part

Another very nice restaurant at the river Tisza. It is on the river actually and you can enjoy the scenery from the river itself. There are mediterranean, French and grilled dishes ont he menu and lots of mussels, praw, beef and chicken specialities. The interior is quite airy with modern tables and chairs. The staff is very polite and attentive. A bit expensive but you get good quality for your money. Also it is quite close to the centre you can walk there and the scenery compensates for the bit higher prices. 

Port Royal restaurant, Szeged
Port Royal restaurant, Szeged, Stefania 4

One of the best restaurants in the best place. Port Royal is situated near the River Tisza, opposite the theatre in a pedestrian area. Nice setting and nice interior. The menu is very impressive you can find soups,  fish, meat or pasta dishes as well as pizzas, salads and different desserts. There are coctails and a wide range of wine. Of course you can drink beer if you prefer that. After dinner you should try their coffe which is made of Port Royal coffee. Not so expensive if you keep in mind that it is in the very centre and the food is excellent.

Old Bridge Restaurant
Vendeglo a regi hidhoz/ Old Bridge Restaurant, Szeged, Oskola u. 4

Very good restaurant, you can count on the quality. It is at the Old Bridge just a few steps from the centre of Szeged. Polite staff, the dishes are mainly traditional Hungarian dishes .If you are not so hungry or are on a smaller budget you can buy smaller portions (zona)  under 1000 Huf. Lots of local people go to this restaurant so you can be sure about the quality.

Gringo’s Cantina, Szeged
Gringo’s Cantina, Szeged, Petofi Sandor sgt

If you would like to taste international cuisine you can visit Gringo’s Cantina in Szeged. You can have Mexican dishes and dishes from the southern part of America. Spicy food, different meat dishes and salads are on the menu. You can also eat Italian pizza. Gringo’s is quite expensive but you can have big portions and qood quality. Also you can enjoy your tequila and beer!


If you visit Szeged you can’t leave without visiting some of its confectionaries. There are famous places with fantastic cakes,  sweets and ice cream. It is really a must to try not only for those with sweet tooth!

A Capella cukraszda, Szeged
A Capella cukraszda, Szeged, Karasz utca 6

Situated right in the centre of Szeged on the corner of Karasz street, the main pedestrian street. It has a huge outside terrace and is always full of people. There are lost of different cakes both sweet and salty, so many different flavours of ice cream it is so hard to choose and delicious coffee. The waiters are wonderful, they speak languages and so nice to customers that you want to come back every day. My absolute favourite.

Z. Nagy Cukraszda, Szeged
Z. Nagy Cukraszda, Szeged, Jozsef Attila sgt 24

Z. Nagy family is a well-known family in Szeged. They have had their confectionary for decades and always provided the best quality. Home made cakes and ice cream attracts lots of visitors although their shop is not in the centre. It is worth going to this small and friendly confectionary if you visit Szeged.

Hatos Retes
Hatos Retes, Szeged, Klauzal ter 7

Another confectionary in the heart of Szeged in the pedestrian area. Hatos Retes sells pancakes and  pastry but the main attraction is home made strudel with more than 20 different fillings. It is always freshly made and delicious.