Shopping in Szeged

As in most big cities you can find numerous shop sin Szeged.
There are big supermarkets like Tesco, Cora, Spar and local chains and also smaller shops where you can buy things for your everyday life or buy something for those who stayed at home instead of visiting Szeged.

Szeged, Budapesti ut 1

There is a shopping centre near the road to Budapest where you can find Cora, Metro and Praktiker.In  Cora and Metro apart from food you can buy the usual stuff like everywhere in Europe. To be able to go shopping to Metro you need a day card which you can get at the reception at the netrance of the shop. Praktiker is a DIY store where you can buy things for the house and the garden. There are free buses from Mars square to Szeged Cora.

Napfeny Park, Szeged

Napfeny park is another shopping centre in Szeged on the outskirts of Szeged. There are more than 40 shops int he centre and you can by anything from clothes to household appliances. There are restaurants and a pharmacy too. The easiest way to get there is by car but you can take a free bus, no. 16 or 16/A from Viztorony ter or the tram stop is only 4 minutes walk from the park. Take no. 4 tram.

Szeged Plaza, Szeged, Kossuth Lajos sgt. 119

Szeged plaza is a shopping centre not far from the centre of Szeged. There are almost 100 shops, restaurants, and a  multiplex cinema. You can buy anything from books to shoes , or toys to an engagement ring. If you  reach Szeged Plaza by car you can park int he underground car park for free. You can come by bus, number 22, 83, 90, 75, or 7/F, or by tram, number 1. The railway station is just opposite Szeged Plaza.

Gulacsy terem, Szeged, Karasz utca 17

Situated int he main pedestrian street of Szeged Gulacsy terem is one of the finest place for those who like art. You can see artworks of famous Hungarian artists. You can buy paintings, sculptures or other valuable, quality products. All the works in Gulacsy terem are juried pieces so you can be sure you get good quality for you money.

Latin negyed, Szeged, Kelemen L. utca 11

Latin negyed is a sweets shop where you can fine special chocholate, tea and coffee from all over the world. All the products are very good quality. If you want to buy Hungarian wine or palinka it is also a perfect place to visit. You can buy these as souveniers or just treat yourself while visiting Szeged.

Nepmuveszeti Bolt – Folk Art, Szeged, Somogyi utca 17

This shop sells traditional Hungarian folk art products. You can buy earthenware, embroidery, carvings,  fine china with traditional Hungarian motifs and much more. The products you can see there are not cheap fake ones but products made by craftsmen. Ideal place to buy souvenirs that are worth.