Learn Hungarian in Szeged

Bonus Language School - SZEGED

6720 Szeged, Feketesas utca 28. A, 2nd floor  16

Bonus Language School Szeged is based in Szeged but also operates in the surrounding towns in the region. It has connections in Hodmezovasarhely, Szentes, Mako, Szeged, Oroshaza and other nearby towns and cities.

You can contact us any time if you need help in connection with learning Hungarian. Whether you spend years in Szeged studying at the university or visit the city only for a shorter time but youl like to learn some vocabualry, you are more than welcome. We are happy to teach every age group so if you have Hungaryian relatives or only spoke Hungarian in your childhood and want to brush it up, visit us our school is the perfect place. Our qualified Hungarian language teachers will be delighted to help you. They can teach you not only the language but also Hungarian culture and slang. It is always useful to learn a few phrases of a country. Hospitable people, such as the Hungarian, will be even more friendly with you! 

Also,we would be more than happy to provide useful tips or background information about the towns and cities in the region, local events, places or facilities. We can help you with finding free-time activities,and basically anything that can make your stay in Szeged, Hodmezovasarhely, Szentes, Mako, Oroshaza or other towns more pleasant. If you need an English speaking person to help you we are happy to give you a helping hand.


You can contact us via e-mail or phone